Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How can me and my wife buy house?

i live with my wife in her parents home.it is a big problem for us to live with them.we can't live with parents any more. our parents don't wantus to live with them more.we want to buy a home.my wife is a college student.she also do part time job.i also do a job.we both make $2400 in one month.so we don't have money to buy home.so how can we buy home?please tell us how can we get rid from this big problem?is there any easy way to buy home?How can me and my wife buy house?
You best be is to contact a mortgage lender. If you need help e-mail me. They will run your credit and let you know you credit scores. Also, between both of you incomes the loan officer will determine an income to debt ration and let you know how much you qualify for. Now, what you have to do is make sure that amount is in your budget. It seems to be a buyer's market. And since the parents want you out maybe than can help with closing cost or get it approved with your mortgage company for the seller to help with closing cost.

denjrealtormel@aol.comHow can me and my wife buy house?
You will need to find a home you can afford. Go to http://www.nationwidebillrelief.com/home鈥?/a> to get pre-approved first. Also you can look at there financial calculators to see how much house you could afford. You are heading in the right direction and with a good budget you should be able to get into a home.
You can buy a home as long as you are not too in debt and your credit is ok.

I write a blog on the subject of credit management, mortgages, real estate trends, etc. Check it out for more information that may be helpful.
If you are willing to compromise with the quality of the house...and you are capable of doing some redocorating and repairs yourself...and depending upon what part of the country you are in...I think you can buy a house. If you are in large urban areas in California or in other very expensive areas; I don't think my idea will work. But if you are in many other large cites, small cities and smaller towns, you can buy a house. You will have to find a house that the ower will ';carry the mortgage';. This means the owner will essentially be your banker. You will probably have to provide him with a credit report...but such an owner will likely not have nearly as stringent requirements as a bank. However, you are going to be buying a house in quite ';run-down'; condition and possibly not in the ideal neighborhood you want to be in. You will have to putty and paint probably every room in the house and will likely have to pull old carpet and put in new carpet or other flooring. You may have to shingle the house. You will likely have to make minor electrical and plumbing repairs. You will have to replace some broken windows. (Try to get a structurally sound house with working heat and air units and updated electric system.) You can do lots of the other stuff yourself. But...for all this work, you will probably be able to pay a very small down payment and make monthly payments at 8 percent interest over 20 or 30 years...depending upon your agreement. It will be a LOT of work...but you can own a house.
there is no easy way to buy a home or everyone in the world would have one

With no down payment you will have to accept a higher interest rate and subsequently a high monthly payment.. IF you can qualify for a mortgage in the first place with that low income
Go back to school and learn how to speak proper English then you can get a job ad actually work instead of do a job!
Try renting who says you have to buy a house now?? once your wife is out of college may be just maybe she may find other option's Else where?

Get out and rent, I can tell you this right now that her farther does not respect you living there, and married.
If you both have excellent credit, you can get a good mortgage rate from most any bank.

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